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my story

I have been coping with pain nearly my entire life.

I was 16 years old the first time an excruciating pain coursed through my stomach. I was hit with a fever and my limbs began to ache. I couldn’t sleep, I would spend hours in the washroom, and I rapidly lost weight.

The doctors told me I had appendicitis, so I had my appendix removed the next day.

But the pain continued.

It would be months before I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease – an auto-immune, inflammatory bowel disease that leads to ulcers throughout my entire digestive system. Crohn’s attacks became a regular part of my life. Each time, sending me to the hospital because my health would drastically deteriorate and the pain would grow unbearable. For years, I was given new medication – often steroids – or prescribed higher dosages of medication I was already taking.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Now, I feel pain throughout my entire body – it can hurt to touch my skin, my limbs will ache, I have consistent headaches and I struggle to sleep. To deal with it, I was prescribed three different kinds of pain medication (all of which have had their dosages increased), along with sleep aids and anti-anxiety medication. The doctors also recommended I take Tylenol.

I took the pills, but they didn’t work. And it just didn’t feel right.

I knew there had to be a better way.


There is one thing I have found effective in easing my pain. With the nudge of a sibling, I was introduced to cannabis and it changed my life forever. I remember the first time I had a toke: it felt like my body was floating in a warm bathtub and the  pain retreated. My appetite returned and I would eventually gain the energy I needed to heal.

I also recognize the health benefits of using cannabis in its oil form. It relieves pain, reduces glaucoma, soothes tremors, improves heart health and can even help treat inflammatory bowel diseases!

More recently, I’ve begun to understand the health benefits of essential oils – the right one can alleviate headaches, heal skin conditions and even fight cold and flu symptoms. And they’re all-natural!

So, with my husband by my side, we’ve combined oils from the best natural ingredients with oil from the world’s most wonderful plant and created a line of products (made with mostly local ingredients!) that will ease your pain and allow you to relax.

We’ve shared our salves, creams and oils with other pain sufferers and the response we’ve received is incredible. People tell us our creams are giving them results in days, our oils are helping almost immediately and our bath bombs are leading to ultimate relaxation. Click here to read what people are saying about R.I.S. Natural Healing.

Thank you for taking to the time to visit RIS Natural Healing. We want to help alleviate your pain, so please browse our products and contact us if you have any questions.

“Just rub on and thank me later.”