what people are saying about R.i.S. Natural healing

"Bath bombs are to die for"

I tried R.I.S. for the first time 2 weeks ago and instantly fell in love!!! The bath bombs are to die for. They leave your skin so moisturized and glowing and they smell and feel even better. I also use the rub on thank me later for my back problems and feel so much pain relief nearly instantly! I refuse to use any other products now. 
This company is a godsend. They came into my
life when I needed them the most and I’m so grateful for that. Hands down best product ever!!! 

Tiffanie, 30

"I instantly feel relief"

Over the past month or so I have been including R.I.S Natural Healing products into my daily self care routine. I've tried their amazing products including bath bombs (with CBD too!), CBD oil, lip balms, pain salve, and eczema cream. All of these have helped make my daily routine so much easier and enjoyable. The most recent product I've tried from them is their eczema cream. I suffer from extremely dry, itchy skin & break out with tons of hives daily. Every time I've noticed a flare up, I just rub a bit of the cream on and I instantly feel relief. It is super mousturizing & gets rid of the itch in seconds! I recommend all of their products, especially the ones containing CBD if you have issues with chronic pain or auto immune disorders. Their CBD oil, bath bombs, and pain salve has immensely reduced the amount of inflammation I have daily. The products also soothe almost all pain I experience. I have hardly taken any pain meds since I started! Just a couple drops of their CBD oil a day and my pain is gone away! Same goes for their pain salve & bath bombs. I instantly feel relief and my aches, pains & cramps disappear. I also have been suffering with anxiety all my life. After a rollercoaster of different medications I can say I have never experienced something that makes my anxiety vanish like their CBD oil has. I've been more social, more talkative, and more clear headed.. something I've struggled with for years, that they have helped me conquer!!! I highly recommend all of these products. I can definitely say I did “Rub it on, & thank them later!!!”

Ainsley Arnold

"Really liking the CBD oil"

I have to say, I’m really liking the CBD oil by RIS Natural Healing - smooth natural flavour and works fairly fast. This stuff has been giving me my second wind after working a long 12 hours and walking my pup 3 miles this whole week. All natural, Amazing back story and great customer care. Please check them out.


"within 3 days, i noticed the difference"

I was unable to hardly walk back in Spring 2018. No pills or therapy was working and I was working in a factory for 10 hours everyday: steel toe shoes, cement floors - I needed help. I decided to order the CBD oil to try. My theory was, “Why not? Nothing is working.”

When I received my order in just a few days, I was skeptical but I tried it. Within three days, I noticed the difference. I continued to use as needed and here I am seven months later and I don't have to take it at all. IT WORKED!!!!

I also tried the face scrub and all-natural face cream expecting to break out (as every other product I've tried has given me terrible skin). I haven't had a breakout and my skin looks terrific - no longer looks like a teenager with bad acne.

The body butter, rub-me-on salve and lip balm all have been terrific and I cannot praise the CBD bath bombs enough!!! They are incredible.

-Kelly Grant

"I feel much more mobile"

Just introduced to R.I.S bath bombs tonight and wow! My lower back pain that had been bugging me all day has diminished and I feel much more mobile. My skin is smooth and I feel relaxed. Excellent product! So I do say thank you and I mean it! Wondering if you do him eparties as I'd be happy to host one for you.


"will never turn to anything else"

Over the last few weeks, I have been using R.I.S. Natural Healing’s products and I have found that they have made a huge difference in my life. Since I have been using the salves, I have been pain-free -- and that is not something I have been able to say for a long time. For years, I have suffered with back pain due to herniated discs – scoliosis – and degenerative disc disease. After applying the salves, I have been able to skip the use of pills or prescriptions. It has freed up my mobility, allows me to be pain-free and I am not affected by any side effects. It has many benefits, including the amazing aromatic smells from the essential oils, and it does not leave any residue. I love this product. I will never turn to anything else to relieve my pain again. I am so thankful for such a natural and beneficial product.

Janielle, 25

"Refreshing to finally get results"

I love the acne lotion! I purchased it 2 weeks ago and already notice a difference in clarity. I am an esthetician by trade and I've tried too many products that have over promised and under delivered... so it's refreshing to finally get results with these ingredients in your product! Finally... a company I can actually Thank later! 


"i have felt the benefits"

If you have ever been teetering between big pharma and natural healing , these guys will make your decision easy. Not saying it’s going to cure every problem you have, but do your research and give them a message with any questions you might have. I’ve tried their CBD oil , and have felt the benefits of this product, and won’t turn back! 


“So relieved to have a product like this”

My Crohn’s Disease has been in a full flare up for months now and I am so relieved to have a product like this to help me with my pain.

Nicole Valle-Garay

Better than harsh steroid creams

Salve for my Eczema and within 2 days of use it had almost cured the entire problem. It has worked better than anything I have been prescribed – including any of the harsh steroid creams from the doctor or over the counter drug store products. I won’t use anything else anymore. It gives instant relief from itching, inflamed, irritated areas on the skin. I find it works its magic best as soon as you get out of the shower and your skin is still hot and pores are open. Rub on then and it works wonders!!

Dylan, 25


I have had PRURIGO NODULARIS for 20 years and have visited five dermatologists. All they could prescribe is different steroids... they all said they didn't have any other suggestion to help me... it is a nasty form of eczema that causes raised scars that are dry, scaley and extremely itchy. I have tried so many creams but nothing has given me any relief. When my bee keeper's son suggested I try your R.I.S all natural product, it was like a blessing to finally finally get instant relief from the pain and itching... it was an ahhhh moment. Not only have the scaley NODULARIS gotten smaller, but no new ones are forming. It has been three weeks now and I cannot tell you how amazing your R.I.S cream has helped. Like you say, "Rub it on and thank me later." Well thank you, thank you for sharing R.I.S. with those of us who are suffering.

Jessie Beatty, 87

“made me feel completely relaxed”

Today was the first day of trying the CBD oil, and its amazing, works fast , it definitely took my pain away and made me feel completely relaxed. I love it!

Patricia Xcell McAskill